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Rebranding "bipolar" one podcast at a time.


John and Fiona talk about building a better podcast for bipolar people, including the factors involved in selecting a platform for the social media activities. John wonders how to reach more women and people of color struggling with mental health issues and shares his story about missing the DBSA picnic by 50 feet due to social anxiety.

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Welcome back to bipolar style, the podcast for bipolar people and those who love them. Join US online at bipolar stylecom and now use your host, Johnny emotion. Hey, thanks, Jules, and thank you for tuning in to the bipolar style podcast. I'm your host, Johnny emotions, like she said, and this episode is cool. This is the first time I get to interview somebody testing out the audio. I had one of my closest friends from Louisiana call in and we're going to have a conversation. If this first conversation is a lot about how we're building the PODCAST and establishing social media channels and things like that. So I hope you enjoy it and I'm glad she is a woman because it gives the audio a little more contrast and I look forward to having more guests in the future. So I think you probably like this one, one of the best episode so far. So enjoy and follow US along on the Internet's twitter at Bipolar Style and on the web bipolar stylecom. Cool. Take a listen. If it's recording, okay, it's recording and I don't edit. The only thing I edit is yes, you do. I edit out that when I go because it's super loud and when I watch it go by in the editing software is this giant peak that covers the whole spectrum. I have never even noticed you doing that, because I add that out. I don't edit anything else. I cut out a big Joh yeah, because in real life it's it's not. They're like a chipmunk. So, Fiona, it is. That's okay, like from Shrek, isn't? The princess and an ogre? At the end she turned out to be an ogre princess. That's cool, and it's also similar to the name of your cat. Philon zone is Philanzonia. Yeah, okay, cool. So I will start and we'll so we'll assume the music and the intro just happens, but I actually might just jump in like an edit something and say, Hey, okay, I was talking about Blah Blah Blah, putting together podcast and my good friend Fiona decided that she'd come on and talk to me about it on the air. So here's that phone conversation. It might be something like that. You know, I might have like a set up. Yeah, so it doesn't matter how we start. Honestly, could just faded up and all of a sudden we're talking. Okay, so, Hey, what's up, Fiona Hoddy? Thanks for taking my call. Well, you're so welcome. Here's my thought. So, okay, Fiona isn't is Fiona's real name either. It's like, you know, the stigma is real, but I we just want private lives. But here's the thing. I think more podcast like these need female voices and people of colors voices, especially that, because I noticed in most of the online mental health warrior type people hashtags, there's less that I'm just not looking in the right places. I don't see that many people of color compared to how many white people are out there shaking their flags. That's a really, really good point. I can think of a couple that I know that might be willing home on. This is the thing we have to you have to get a new twitter account for Fiona so that, yeah, people that hear your voice here will know that they can follow you, because maybe they don't want to follow a dude or dudes voice, but maybe they feel more comfortable following a woman. Yeah, that's a good call. I'll do that. Cool. So, yeah, people of Color and women probably, I would imagine, have more. Stop me if I'm stereotyping, but they might have more mental health issues just from the oppression of society than a white man. But I'm not a doctor, so I don't...

...know about that. Seems I seemed possible say oppressed groups would be under more stress. So if you have an issue where you don't respond to stress well and you also happen to be under more stress because you're outside, yeah, you're an oppressed class for sure. Right, cool. So I'm only sort of talking, I guess, only talking out of my but a little bit. It's good that here, because I talked of my out of my ass a lot when I'm by myself all alone, talking here some yeah, because I get off on these rants. I make my little notes in my Google keep and I pull up my phone and like, okay, I'm going to just talk about this one and talk about this one and then I'll then I'm out, but I'll get on that first topic and then I'll trail off and I'll hit like the whole talk down thought. Yeahs you want to talk about? Yeah, because like when I take the train to work or whatever, I have a few minutes to my head, to myself and I'm like, Oh, yeah, that's that's dwell, I've been dwelling on that. That should be an issue for a podcast. So well, yeah, yeah, I try to keep it organized, but make it a podcast. Is is a lot of work for regular folks and sometimes I'm like, did I bite off more than I can chew? But it's kind of fun because I can't get out to group all the time and I don't have a therapist. Did you get to go like once a week or something? I can, but there's the anxiety bit. Oh here's something we could talk about. This is funny because you would totally relate because you've probably experienced this with me sometimes. So last Sunday, I think it was Saturday or Sunday, over at a park in San Francisco, the DBSA, the depression by Polar Support Alliance folks. We're putting on their their youth group. Anyway, we're putting on a picnic at Dolores Park. My God, that's going to be fucking cool. That'd be great. It's going to be a beautiful day in the city. I'll go over the city and pick up what I need and go to the park and just hang out with people that can relate sounds great, right. Yeah, so I get up there and of course it's the youth group. It's not my people, it's not the people I normally go to, and they all look cool and pretty sure that that's them right there with the blue and white balloons, looking around like do I recognize? Kind of recognize one person, just enough to confirm that, Yep, that's the DBSA group. And then what kicks in the anxiety? I was like, I don't know, he's fucking people and like it's still a beautiful day in the park. So I ended up sitting about fifty feet away from everybody that didn't they didn't know me and I didn't know them, but I kind of like Perif peripherally, like vicary's. They enjoyed the party just I'm sitting over here and it didn't look like they brought a lot of food or or drinks or whatnot. That my own snacks with me. So I just kind of sat there and watch that. Okay, there's some bipolar people and I'm a bipolar people and we're in a park and this kind of counts right. So I took a picture I haven't posted. I should put it up on fucking twitter, but I took a picture from my vantage point like a stalker, like there's the party I toold everybody was going to. I'm not actually there, but there it is. I made it this far. That you went though, right, I broke out and I made it and I got as far as I could. But that social peace at the end where you have to like, wh hi, I'm a new guy, how are you? I can't fucking do that today. Well, and you probably could have done it if you'd recognized more people and if they'd been your age group. Sometimes, yeah, and sometimes it even takes somebody to recognize me to say, Oh hey, John, come over and if that doesn't get that, this now, right, right, like a tractor. Mean, but if that doesn't happen, I kind of make up every excuse not to him, like a hope. New People, people. They don't even have chapters of it here. So hard, you know, like remember my my disgust and trying to find one in La proper, and then I wanted to start. Oh Yeah, all that, for sure. Yeah, they had like the one that I did...

...find was on Broadway in La with the roll up door straight to the sidewalk and we were trying to have a group with literally people walking three feet away down downtown Broadway in La. Yeah, that was nuts. The Pasadena one was cool, but again, it's like if there's not a viable one in downtown La and you got to go all the way to Pasadena, I could not imagine for someone in Shreveport, or let alone jennings or someplace like that. I mean, and you know thousands of other little cities across America. So I guess I'm Fortun area, Peoria. What's the Illinois with one of those I states? I. Yeah, and this week sucked on top of it because of all the shooting. A machine guy, a fucking machine and what? Yeah, yeah, so bad. Yeah, to have help. I am persuaded that he had to have help, help and didn't get help. Yeah, I'm sure it will turn out. They were all the classic signs metally ill. You don't think so? That begs the question, though, right, like, I don't know. My mom thinks he was radicalized in some way. That's that's the conspiracy going around on a lot of the conservative talk radio. That's the thing I did that I'm in the bay area because I'm a big liberal, lefty progressive anyway. But during work I get in the work truck and I turn in far right talk radio. The here what they're talking about. Yeah, so they're totally pushing conspiracy theories that he was rattled radicalized by Isis that about that kind of thing? Yeah, yeah, there's a lot of talk that he's by about Isis, but I also don't know, like what else it could be. Well, you know me, I'm the classic conspiracy theorist in that sense where I'm like, well, I don't see a video of that motherfucker shooting anything. I see a picture of a guy and I see a picture of some legs in a hotel room and I see guns and I see you know, fact, fact, fact, but at none of them add up to that's actually the guy. So in my mind, like, let's see, the government put a guy in there to shoot him up. Isis was up there with him and killed him. Makes Sense, though, why don't? None of it makes sense, like that's not how any of this works really, right? So Sad. Yeah, just they haven't come up with a narrative that makes sense yet. Bad, just bad anyway. So a lot of US woke up to that on Monday. Mornings like. Yeah, that was one of the most maddic these hundreds of miles away. That is traumatic. And I didn't know anybody at the concert. I've never heard of Jason Aldean Song, although I've heard his name before. Yeah, but we were just there a few months ago, right, like remember the punk rock bowling we're what if somebody decided to shoot up a bunch of punk rockers? Exactly? That's the aunts a father looking for right there. Or ANTIFA, as they say. ANTIFA, what the fuck, I know. How do you actually say it? Well, maybe if it's just, if it's a kind, if it's a condensing of anti fascist, wouldn't be ANTIFA? ANTIFA, ANTIFA and far right right. It's how I say it, except I know somebody who's like with them and they say Antifa. Well, they've been watching too much Fox News then. I don't know. Maybe they were just staying it that way to joke. Egally say it, I don't know, but it sounds just more like tea party and TIFA. Yeah, it sounds like completely missing them, pointing and the whole thing is here's my take on the ANTIFA in general is that people think it's a group like we must shut them down, like call up their right headquarters and demand. They're saying you step a sign. Yeah, I'm like, it's just a spontaneous reaction of normal people to fascism. That's what that's how I send. Some of those normal people were smart enough to, you know, bring face coverings right. Yeah, because they got they got day jobs and they're unaffiliated voters and they just see the rise of fascism as a bad thing. There was an article just recently about how, even with your face mostly covered, like even if they can only see your eyes, they're and going to be able to identify people. Oh yeah, we were talking about this yesterday. There's gate technology that walks how people, that detects...

...how? Yeah, for sure, and it's muscular and not muscular but skeletal, and you cannot change the way skill to some literally like a lift or some crazy shit. And even then Ai Intel, artificial intelligence, can detect that you probably did that because now you're the only goofball walking with the goofy limp and it will sort those limpers out at first and recalculate. So it is amazing. And they say gate technology is more accurate than your thumb print. So well that and they are finding people with that's prints that match people from two different parts of the world who are alive at the same time, but who's prints throw up as matching in the that's nuts. Right. In the future I'm going to start walking like a DORC, like monty python or something. Just Google's really long. I'm wondering how quickly, how soon, it's going to be before the makeup that right now looks crazy with like white and black triangles on your face, that kind of stuff. Yeah, but how long do you think it takes before that becomes in, like that's a thing that just normal people just put on their makeup like that? Yeah, yeah, they'll be like the bandaid type stickers, you know, you just temporary and in all their yeah, plus the the stick the bandage of the future will of digital technology that will seep into your pores, nanotech, and that's going to be exciting to future. That's deep future. So okay, anyway for it. Yeah, right, I can't wait all apart in the next ten years. True, Elon Musk has a good head on his shoulders. I like people like think like him. He was he was getting many, he was getting into it with some cartoonist about the singularity and whatnot. Last night it is pretty funny. Oh really, yeah, good times. So okay with the show though. So all right, here's where I'm stuck. The podcasting part is pretty easy, like you could tell, we're making a podcast right now and the sound sounds good and you go over to five and get a voiceover artist for the front and my friend Ray made some music. Should I stick with the same music or say, if actually find music eventually, I want to pick one song and stick with it because I believe in like the power, the power of a tone, like the Intel child or stuff like that. Well, it's stuff like that. has to be either, like you said, the chime from that or the Netflix boom boom, yeah, or you know, something like that, or it has to be an earworm. Right, right. I like the song, the short one. Yeah, that's song that's playing right now on this episode. Is called Brazil, the theme from Brazil. It's like an old class Oh yeah, I love that one. But yeah, people wonder like what the fuck is that mean? What's Brazil all about? So that's one of my all time favorite sci fi movies about a dystopy tract. I wonder how much it would cost to license that. I don't know. You need to have I guess I'll find out if they ever send the site, send a sea synthesis letter to me. I'll find out one day. They so funny, but I don't know, not too concerned about it. Some people have whole podcast with like nothing but UN licensed music, broly, like illegal, like license music that they're not paying for R and they'll have like a whole you know, quote unquote, radio type show. Strange Huh. Anyway. But my bigger concern is here, and this is always the thing, like I want to connect people, and there goes that want to connect people in the real world at the meetings, to people that listen to the podcast, to people that are on social media, because I think that's three distinctly different types of people. My biggest hurdle right now is finding people that are on social media to actually figure out how to work a podcast, because that's not that's not the easiest thing in it we're that's a new thing. I mean podcast have been around a long time and I have and I'm usually up on tech stuff, Yep, but I've kind of resisted them in part because don't drive all that much long distances, yea anywhere, and that's where I usually listen to things on CD or whatever. HMM. But just sitting down and listening to...

...talking is just not a thing that I really do around the house, except that I've started listening to your podcast and and just kind of playing around on the Internet while it kind of plays in the background. But it's interesting enough that it holds my attention and it's not that long. It's not it doesn't take an hour out of my day, you know. Yeah, that's true, and it even the ones that are super long, like when I'm at work just doing some fabrication, you know, out in the factory part, I will turn on something like Joe Rogan that literally goes for like three hours. But you just find that you pay attention when you do, when you don't pay attention, when you're not paying attention. Yeah, that's okay. So can I think an idea of connecting people in a space like podcast is something that you sort of listen to but you're not really interacting with, whereas a group online or a group in person you're interacting with them or you can interact if you feel like it. Yeah, and you can learn idea to connect those yeah, yeah, and you can lark. I think that's important and they are that kind of I guess that's why podcasts are cool in a way, because you're in a way, you're like a Voyeur, you're listening in on other others conversations. Sure, but so that anyway, back to the the group thing. Is I wanted, like currently I'm trying this thing called the mighty networks, mighty networks, and it's an APP. I saw ads scrolling by one day on facebook and said, hey, you like networks, you should try this, and I put the bipolar junglecom domain named porting, pointing to that right now, but it just seems slow and clunky. So now I'm at the point where like, well, Shit, should we just point the bipolar jungle kind of community group domain named back to a facebook group? Yeah, I guess I hate facebook and I hate that we have to be there. I prefer twitter because it's fast and immediate and more like chat, like I appreciate. Well, and here's an argument for having an on something that's not facebook, because facebook forces you to use your real name and profile. Oh, I wonder if they're going to kick me off because I just change mind, the John Emotions all together and change my pics, my face up to that Emojo care unless somebody, you reports it. Okay, but the so it means that in a group you're not really anonymous. That's true. That is true. So you just saying a better a different platform would be better, just on the anonymity part alone. Right, like, because I've like slack is cool, you can. Okay, here's the other problem that I've noticed. Is Huge in the facebook, quote unquote support groups, and that they get tens of thousands of people, Twentyzero. Yeah, you can't even keep on. That's good, effective and I think like slack is a good way. I think we can create channels like by region, like okay, there's too many people here now, that's going to be New York, that's going to be California, that's going to be midwester whatever, and I think you can do that and keep people organize that way. But that whole idea about black to techy for did. That's the thing. It's America and then it's yet another APP people have to have on their damn phone and have to learn right, right. Just us, it comes easy because we learned it and we were well yet because we had to work and we were paid to learn it because it was at work right, and now we like it so so, but I guess not like generally, more APPs, fault, more downloads, yeah, more things to log into. So I guess kind of leads back to facebook. But I'm just like, how do I keep a facebook group flexible and in a way that you can splinter it off after two hundred people or so, you know, after that? I don't know if you can do that. I do know that the best facebook groups that I'm in that have anything to do with health or support or that kind of thing are all secret groups and you have to have an invitation from somebody in the group to be a member. But you could have people...

...that go to bipolar jungle or wherever you're having it pointed yeah, point to the secret group because you can't find it otherwise. HMM. So, but that would defense. That would defeat the purpose of the due bipolar junglecom domain them because if people type that in and actually went to the secret group, would be like, I can't find mine. Where is it? Right? And now we're back to you don't get to have an alienist. What about Yammer? Have you ever used the amber before? You've told me about it, but I haven't used it. I like it. It looks and feels a lot like facebook. Again, it's another website. But, because that's also the upside, it's another website, you can actually download your your like emailers lists and keep it so if it ever goes out of business, you can still get in touch with your people. That's a great idea. Yeah, so, but man, but again, facebook is like a giant. Yeah, facebook's like a giant tractor beam that keeps people sucked into it. It does it wants to keep you part of that's why we're getting all our news things on facebook now, and fake news too. Well, and fake news too, but I mean you Shud can subscribe to follow like BBC, and yeah, that's True News, right, right, the real ones. But yeah, so, in fact, I think a lot of people, especially older folks, just between like Huffington Post and facebook. They think that is the web and that's the whole entire Internet right there. So, I mean I know people that are still on AOL. So you saw their sutting down Messenger. After yeah, twenty years, are finally killing AOL Messenger. Yeah, that's so a bazy. What's crazy, as I still I hadn't used it in probably fifteen years. But yeah, I my login probably was still good up until then until they shut it down. Man, I missed those days. Things were simple and that's really what slack is. AOL Instant Messenger. It's just an instant messenger. Again, it's just another instant messenger. So that's a format that's super different from posting something and then discussing it. Right. I like the secret group idea. People like exclusivity and being and things that are protected. But you're right about the real name policy. I think it would be more open to talk about it, put a pole or a series of polls on maybe twitter. Twitter. Yeah, because that's organically grown pretty quick. I've been only humping that for like three weeks and there's like three hundred ish like real followers, like normal people that are not spami. They're not you know Social Media Marketing Guru's telling me how to get tips. Yeah, it's they're actually like legitimate real people, but it's amazing. Yeah, yeah, I'm like now I find myself obsessed with followers and downloads, but it's really neat. The downloads for the show keep going up like fifty percent each week in new podcast there's that many more pot downloads from the previous week. That's so cool. I know it's like it's working. What crazy. And the merge. Okay, I put a happy face on the merch because I know I got the other one. How's it look? It's cool, it's gorgeous. Yeah, you got to take a picture and post an option. Okay, yeah, I will. I got that. And I have another one where there's a human in an elevator box and there's like an Arrow going up and are going down, so it's like, you know, the ups and down. Me, I'm trying to think of all kinds of like ideas that rod got to get. Emo Joe. Yeah, I'll send you one because now I have it, I haven't set up. Basically, I'm looking at the leaderboard on my my back end there so I can tell who's being the most. I'm trying to gain on it. Can you tell that I'm trying? I haven't looked today. I know that bipolar connect is kicking ass this month and it rush is out at the end of every month so everyone has a new chance to get up to the top of the list. But yeah, if you want one. Plus, I'm thinking of bribing people for helping me like manage the facebook group with t shirts.

Yeah, because I think that's a bitter idea. It's some more effective way to both build the brand and I think all the like quote unquote bipolar style t shirts. I don't think they're going to say bipolar style anywhere on them. I think just the artwork itself will represent things that are bipolar and nature somebody as yeah, yeah, just to stir a conversation. Or if you're recognize that logo somewhere else, you'll know like there's someone who knows. Yeah, totally, I like that idea. Yeah, so cool. Okay, so things are coming together. I just want to keep on the mics because I like I try to do three podcasts a week and this one sounds great. It sounds like a real podcast and the voice sound nervous. Yeah, I know what don't sound like on a microphone. I Hate I don't know what I found like to other people. I only know what I sound like to me. Yeah, I know you sound great it, but and like even to me it's on my own voice when I have to go back and edit this just even, you know, quantify the audio or make sure it's not too loud or whatever. I have to listen to my own voice and like Oh, I got it. Sound like such a Magoo fucking door. Just shut that guy up. Why is he even talking? Know, you sound fine, you sound funny, sound normal, normal, exactly. Okay, that's all I can hope that's my thing with this particular show, because I've listened to other podcast and there's there's still too sterile for me. They're little too clinical and they're little too safe. Like I'm thinking of all the bipolar people I know and I'm like, none of them are that way. They're all like rock and rolled, dangerous, fucking crazy kind of people, in a good way. Crazy, not not stigmatizinger. Right, right. So we need a we need a podcast for bipolar people like that. So this will be this will be that. Fiona, yeah, get you got to get over to twitter now and make like feed, I gotta hurt him. You own a star shine or make a crazy last name? Yeah, totally, yeah, that would be awesome. So thanks for all your help and you're so welcome. Send my almost said thoughts and prayers. Say, that's okay. You can send thoughts and okay, send my thoughts and prayers to all your family and the people I know and Louisiana, particularly New Orleans. It's coming up hurricane nate this weekend. Now it's pretty rough. I don't you know. I'm sure for the housing season to be over. Geez, right, this whole yeah, but this is the calm before the storm. Yeah, Oh God, wow, had to get in my trunk reference. Oh boy, I don't know what to say about that. I feel like I'm talking about another really feels like we're in an alternate universe. And the great thing about having PTSD even and times. But this is this would look like in times if, yeah, if you were actually to like have a movie, this is this is all the stuff that was in that Zeitgeis movie a few years ago, hurricanes and riots and crazy presidents and wars and like. Yep, that's Today. But we're going to go watch Henry Rawlins over at the hardly strictly blue grass. That's pretty awesome that. I think. I'm going to watch blade runner. Oh yeah, and the new blade runners out. You guys got to go watch them. Sure, it stand at the Robinson. Well, we you going to catch up first one? Yeah, catch up on still last night. I'm going to watch it today. Get the story, get the story set in your head, because the like. Like your cousin Ray said, the next one is not a Prequel, it's a fucking spirituel. It's actually just a sequel. Happens after, but it looks totally awesome. I can't wait to see that. Huge Science Fiction Fan. So that's great. I'm going to probably drop in the trailer music somewhere right about now. Let it start to fade up and yeah, no, seriously, let me know how the family's going and I'm sure they're on they're on higher ground. They're in a good part of town, so they should be all right. I don't know being able to get back home after you if the pumps don't work. They're good at figure and stuff like that out heck, yeah, that's why they're there. Yeah, all right, tell Mama said hi and pet the cats for me. I will all...

...right. Thank you for hand out, Fiona. You're welcome. All right. By if you'd liked what you heard, subscribe on Apple Podcast by Itunes and join us at by color stylecom. Thanks for listening,.

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