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Episode 132 · 4 months ago

SLURS: Words You Must Earn


John | Podcasting about the concept of slur words, and who might use them. 

Do you utilize the privilege you’ve earned? Just because you can, does it mean it’s a good idea?

Do you get offended when others use your privileged slur?

This show covers descriptive slurs like:

  • Fat
  • Scrawny
  • Retard
  • Ginger  

Words with estbalished meanings, such as:

  • Chink
  • Tranny
  • Faggot
  • Baby 

Words that sound bad:

  • Niggardly (Swedish — nygart)
  • Ritard (Italian — ritardando)
  • Dyke 

Words You Must Earn:

  • nigga
  • fag
  • spaz
  • bitch
  • tranny
  • jew
  • bipolar
  • queer
  • gypsy 

Is quoting N-words movies like 'Pulp Fiction' o.k.? "Negro, please!"

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Hey, kids, on today's show we're gonna talk about slurs. We'll go over descriptors like fat, scrawny, retard, ginger, words that have previous meetings, like Chink, training, Baggott, baby, words the sound bad, like niggardly, retard, Dyke. Words do you must earn Nigga, fags, spas, bits, tranny, Jew, bipolar, Queer, Gypsy. Are you ready? Let's go? Hey, hey, Hey, what's up? MOFOS? You see what I did there? I said the words that we're going to talk about on top of a bed of upbeat montage music, so that nobody can clip them and use them out of context, because I wi won't be saying most of them throughout the podcast anyway, because I don't say those words anyway. Welcome back. I am John Podcasting and, uh, I don't know who you are, but welcome. Thanks for showing up and UH, we're gonna overthink the idea of slurs. So this all came about a couple of weeks ago when I was listening back to a previous podcast I recorded. I was talking with my buddy Gary and we were talking about the n word and splitting hairs on N I G G A whether that's acceptable to say or not, or also whether Negro was acceptable to say. Well, I've done a little research and I have some answers. So first, the term Negro is apparently not a slur. It is simply old fashioned Um so, and saying it I would be old fashioned. I don't say it out loud. That's the one thing I might think to myself when I'm driving in traffic or something. I don't think that was where I was found odd when I was talking to Gary last time. I don't actually even think those other words. I can't really envision them in my head unless I force...

...myself to. But to uh our point last week, when he says N I G G A, I'm like now, you can't say that because you didn't earn it, and he uh hypothetically takes the position that he can say whatever he wants. Now, in reality, I have to update you. I'm just the general nature of things Gary and I when we talk in real life for the past twenty years. He's never said that word to me like that ever, not even where we're drinking. He just I mean, it's not the way we are, but he is the kind of person that will be the devil's advocate and stand up for the rights of words he thinks are fine, and I could imagine if he ever said it, it's probably in the vein of like mclovin from Super Bad, something like that. Anyway, but you know, it got me thinking generally about slur words and who can say them and why certain people can say certain words and and that sort of thing. So, uh, yeah, and I also it brought up the question of what if you're just quoting a movie now to that point, obviously it's probably not acceptable. So I probably won't be seeing Negro please very often. I did dig up where I found that earworm. Uh, it's this Negro please. That is the Great Terry Cruise from the Classic Movie White Chicks. So, Um, I don't know if you've seen white chicks, but at the end of the movie he feels betrayed by a person that he thought he thought was a white woman and it was in fact a black dude. So the person was trying to explain themselves and uh, Terry just shot back with that. So anyway, that's kind of an ear Worman I love Terry crew. So if you want to watch him in a great movie, you gotta go see sorry to bother you. That's such a great movie. I've seen it like three times. I'm not gonna tell you what it's about. There's a huge plot twist in it. Don't don't spoil it for yourself, but go see Terry crews in sorry to bother you please. And the overall...

...conversation in my in my thought process lately has been a lot about identity and labels and things like that, like on the last episode where I ranted about what a podcaster is or what it's like. Not Actually a label, just the activity that people do to further their actual label, like comedian or salesman or whatever. Anyway, Um, it's because, like, I don't fit in with podcasts. I don't feel like that's my identity. And then I started thinking, well, what is my identity? What what hurts my feelings? Because when it comes to slang, slurs and even old fashioned terms, not very many things offend me until I started making a list and going through words that offend others and then I started to discern some similarities, so I just grouped them together. Here's what I found. There's one group of slurs that are basically descriptors. They describe p Bowl in ways that really hurt the people's feelings, fat, scrawny, et Cetera. I put ginger in this category too because, well, red haired people can't help that they have red hair, and that was one of the things about whether it was just a slang term or a slur was not the necessarily the intention. Obviously the intention and the tone and whether we talked about anger and things like that, but it was more the slur came in when it was something you just can't change about yourself. That's what makes slurs extra fucked up. So, with regards to fat, yeah, I mean it's arguable with whether people can control that or not. The same with Scrawny, basically body shaming from either direction, and things like your hair color, especially if it's a slightly more unusual color like red hair, and people call you ginger Um. And then there's other words with previous meanings that have come on to take new words, like the classic Faggot Um. It's really harsh word. I don't like to use that...

...one. Um Back in our grade school people say, Oh, it's a bundle of sticks. Did you know? Fag just means a bundle of sticks and it's still inappropriate to say back then regardless, because everyone knew what they were trying to say. You know what I mean, like if if you knew the word was meant to be harmful towards a group of people and you're running around the playground, stay, it just means a bag, a bundle of sticks, Um. And also, cigarette was the other thing. Hey, you smoke a fag and parts of the world. By the way, this show is from America, so this is all American perspective. I welcome yours because I'd love to hear what slang and slur words are in your country. So Um, because I think fag is still a common term and probably not slur at all in the UK. And even words like baby, baby used to just mean a baby, right. But now you call a woman baby, that's misogynistic. Not, it's not monogamy, it's Misogyny, like Mesoginy, m oogynistic, anti woman. You might think, Jeez, what an Asshole, he's being so fucking overly sensitive. I don't know, am I is calling a woman baby not misogynistic anyway. Baby already had a meaning, just like Chink, tranny. Those are I mean obviously you get a chink in your armor and every guy that works on cars knows that the transmission is called the trainee. So there you go. You can be smoke in a fag after you fix the Chink in your trainee and by some people standards those are totally okay. That's a completely normal sentence. It's a little convoluted, a little forced, but I mean you know, those words kind of like what was that old fucking George Carlin bit? He was talking about Vaginas. He said snatch box and Pussy. He said you could snatch that Pussy and put it in a box. I'm running down the airplane. That Um, that whole thing. You just put a bunch of words together that used to be in other things. Are they slurs now? I don't know. Are they inappropriate? No, I've found two interesting words. Well, dyke...

...is kind of one. Not so much because, well, dike is a multi level contextual word, because some people would like to use it and they claim it as a as a word of strength, and they reclaim it and that sort of thing. Dyke also means simply like a damned that olds water back and dyke is also used derisively by women, haters and and homophobes against, you know, Dyke's lesbians. That's a weird one or or I don't know if it's a weird one or just a very complex word for being such a short word. I like to look at it and I like dykes who claimed to be dykes. I don't say that word myself because it doesn't it just doesn't have a good vibe coming out of a big white dude. Now the other one, niggardly, is interesting. A congressman, a black congressman, said this improper context back in the day and he got run out of town, maybe out fully out of time, but he got a public lashing, let's say so. NIGGARDLY IT'S SPELLED N I G G A R D L Y. it's root is Swedish Nig Art n Y G A R T. It just means cheap Um. Yeah, it sounds too much like other words, so I'm not saying it. Are you gonna say it? Nope, and UH. The other one is retard, an Italian word for Retardando, which just means slow down. Anybody that's ever played in band knows when we see retard used, that's where the song starts. To slow down. It's usually at the end, when you're about to finish, at the tempo just na Nah like that. That's Ritardando, or retard, and it says Literally Retard on the music sheet and we all used to think it was funny in fifth grade when you look at the music and it says it retard Um. But you know, we're fifth grade and we grew out of it. And again, words we just don't say now because, UH, they've lost...

...their luster for any positive meaning and uh, the negative side effects, which is not worth it. Man. Here's the words that are my favorite ones, obviously the one we talked about last week, and I G G A. I'm not gonna say that one again out loud. Uh F A G. We've said that one enough already. Spas, okay, see, I say spas because I have a D H D. I've suffered from H D H D. I've been called a spas derisive Lee from adults and other kids, and I choose to take that word back. I am a spas. I have no problem, uh, you know, claiming that or standing up for it, and I like the word. It's nice, it's shorts, it's, you know, short for spastic. I think, UM, some people with other brain conditions, like epilepsy in particular, might take a different offense because they were called spas for different reasons, and I understand that. So I've sleep as a person claiming spas under the A D H D flag. I'm not going to call somebody with epilepsy a spas because I haven't earned that kind of spas you find you follow this. I haven't earned the spas that epileptic has and they haven't earned the spas that a hyperactive person has to deal with. Gotcha. Same with bitch. I don't say that word a lot. Wait, I don't say bitch, I don't like it. I say bitching like it's always bitching, which is, you know, pretty close. If you'RE gonna say if if bitch is a misogynistic then bitching kind of is too. But I like bitching like Rad Dude. That's fucking bitching. I do say that once in a while, probably way more than a grown man should, but that's my era, that was my programming. I like it. No reason to stop outside of the repair shop or outside of the automotive repair shop. Yeah, you can't say tranny. You haven't earned that if you have been made fun of for being transgender, you can use it...

...all you want. You can call your friends that, do what you want within your community. You can decide amongst yourselves is it appropriate or not. I'm not from that community, so I don't say it. And if you're not in a repair shop talking about, you know, the moving parts of your car, you don't have a really reason to say it either. Like who the Funk am I the word police? No, I'm just trying to say here's a kinder, nicer way to go through life and be more, you know, sensitive to other people's needs without having to get all confused about it. Here's a weird one. Jew Now, my ex was Jewish, her mom's Jewish. Therefore my kids are Jewish, but I still have a hard time saying the word Jew. I have a hard time saying she's a Jew because it just sounds like saying it that way if you're not Jewish sounds kind of like you're trying to slur it into existence, like create some negative side effects. And I've heard people mention, quote unquote, the Jews when they talk about people that are cheap or stingy. So I put you on this list on words you must earn. You can't run around calling somebody a Jew unless you have suffered as a Jew. Oh and this one's for all my bipolar people. Is Bipolar? Of course, fucking bipolar. So many people throw this word around the weather. So bipolar, or just any anything that goes from one extreme to the to the other, they call that bipolar. And Man, if you have suffered from a mood disorder like bipolar, Holy Moly, you get to own that word. Say It all you want for whatever reason, but don't assume other people have it. And UH, for Fox Sake, if you don't have bipolar disorder, if you haven't been diagnosed with this from a doctor or two or three, then fucking stop saying the word bipolar out of context, would you please, for Fox Sake? Next on the list here. I've only got a couple more of these. Uh, is gypsy. I'm not sure the status of Gypsy right now.

I know some people like it. They claim it right. That's a a term of pride for some folks. It's also where the term jip comes from, like ripping people off and that sort of thing. So generally speaking, you don't say Gypsy because of that. You might refer to an old gypsy in a movie, but that's still a stereotype character. And you know, there you go. Here's the really cool one. This I like this one a lot. It's queer. So you know an LGBT Q. Often you'll see Q. Right, Q is Queer. But there's two factions, right, and this kind of goes for all of these slurs, having two factions with Queer. There was one faction. It's like no, no, that's we don't want to say that word. That's that's not tasteful. And the more militant homosexuals were like no, we like Queer Queers, fucking awesome squeers what we are. Plus some of us aren't actually like gay one way or the there's there's more sexually fluid in any direction and they're just like queer. And the other factions said, okay, Q can stand for questioning, and then the more militant factions said sure, so it'll be q, Q, Queer and questions. So they insisted on breaking queer free. And I remember this growing up in the San Francisco Bay area as a child in the eighties, that there was a group of protesters, activists called act up, the Upside Down Pink Triangle folks, and uh they would march around the shopping mall saying we're here, we're queer. Get used to it. So ever since I saw that, that left a big impression on me that, oh, queer is okay for them, like those are my people, like ruckus razors, people raising a rumpus to get their voice heard. And UH, they they want to be called Queer. You know, Mama Call Him Clay, I call him clay Um, but whatever, okay. So I think that's...

...just fascinated to me. They're so insistent. They just put two queues on the end of that motherfucker, LB G T Q Q, Queer and questioning. Alright. So lastly, just to kind of wrap it up, to think it's okay to quote slurs from movies, particularly like I know a lot of dudes that love Quentin, Tarantino, self included, but I don't go around quoting dead end word storage scenes from pulp fiction, do you feel me? And I don't think that's appropriate. Do you think? And that kind of brings me full circle back to the Terry crews quote. So that's why I'm gonna stop saying it. It's not appropriate that I would quote the dead end word storage scene from pulp fiction and therefore I'm not going to quote the ending scene from white chicks and say the other word. please. Cool. But now what? Okay, one step. What if he says it? If I just put it on the soundboard and it just says can I do that? No, I'm just playing. So Um now that's all I got. So my whole point is really we should try to be kinder. I know I do. I work on it every day and I started from a really liberal place that. But I just don't see any problem with like trying to be kinder. Like if, no matter what you've been in life, someone's made fun of you, right, you had to have been made fun of. Look at you. Someone's made fun of you and for whatever it is, you couldn't change it. And that's really fucked up, I think, because I've been made fun of things I just can't change, which is really weird because you look at me it's like it looks like a normal dude, but yeah, normal on the outside, but when you can't change it in your brain, on the inside, and Uh, other people just don't get you. They start making fun of you and then you just start moving getting kicked out of classes. Dude, I went to twelve schools between kindergarten and twelfth grade, so a school a year on average. Always the new kid, always just some fuckory, just crazy. So it's important too.

If you're not at least gonna include people, don't slur them, and if you're not sure, don't slur them. You know what I mean. If you haven't earned it, if no one's called you that name, uh, in a way that hurts you in a real way. If you're a white person and someone calls you the N word, shouldn't really hurt your feelings. Strangely, being called the packer wood doesn't really hurt my feelings either, because I just don't I don't identify that way. But you get what I'm saying. If you haven't been offended in that way, just let it go. Stop using it to so many people say, well, they're just words, they're just words. Words are the most powerful shit ever in human history. Words created weapons, words created the bombs world, you know, words created borders, words created religion. So do people blow off words? That's just idiocy. Words are the most important ship. In fact, words. That the only thing that makes us different from the animals. Once we became fictive, once humans learned to lie, that's when ship changed. Before, when humans were just drawn and point at rocks, going yeah, rock, rock, well, one time one motherfucker said, uh, go down there by the fucking ocean and there's fish, and it turns out, you know, there's a trap or something whatever. I'm not sure what the first lie was, but sometimes, tens of thousands of years ago, things like years ago, humans learned to lie and that became the big problem. That's why we're so different. So don't tell me words don't matter if they're only words. fucking words are the most important ships. So we gotta get them right and it doesn't hurt to just try a little harder and if you see some slurs out there, just, you know, sweep them out of your periphery. Just get them out, get him off the radar. Find new words. Got Lots of them. You don't have to sit there and slur somebody over something, something they just can't change. It's fucked up. Don't do it. I'm John. PODCASTING GOOD.

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