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Episode · 11 months ago

Twitter people — this is for you!


Listen up, Twitter people! We're booking guests for 2022. If you're an artist into mental health and technology, we want to hear about your latest art project. First-timers encouraged! 

Visit the Show Guest Calendar to book an appearance. Learn more at EmoDojo.com 

Hey, what's up friends, it's johnny emotions live from Emo Dojo. Very Christmas to you. I just wanted to put this up here because if you're trolling around on twitter have an art project you want to talk about, way hit me up. I'm looking for guests for two thousand and twenty two, starting right off in January. I'm going to post my calendar linked down below. We always record on Saturdays. I hope you can make it. There's plenty of Saturdays into the future. Doesn't really matter what your art project is, as long as you've got something you want to promote. Is it poetry? Is it a dance thing? Is it, you know, traditional Pixel Art or contemporary art? Whatever? If you got something to promote, I would love to have you on the show. So let's make that happen. Hit me up. You can message me, direct message me, you can even open message me. You just comment on this thread right here. I don't help talk to you in public about being on the show. I have nothing to hide. I'm not trying to get you off into a little private...

...discord room or anything like that. Just talk about it openly right here, right in the thread. Or you can, if you know follow up to Emo Dojo page. Go to emo dojocom check it out some more, see if it's something you want to be involved with. Basically, emo Dojo is a podcast for artists into mental health and technology. If that sounds like you, go check it out, give it a listen, follow along if you want to be on the show. It's really this simple. It's this close. You are this close from being on a podcast. It doesn't matter how many followers you have, doesn't matter how much art you've sold in your life or if you've just started. I'm looking for people that are trying to express themselves creatively and are willing to talk about in the context of mental health and perhaps nft's. So that's it, man, get ahold of me or jump down to the calendar link. Schedule up a session and we'll do some promoting. We do some chilling. Get Your nft notice and that have a blast. Tune it. I'll right very Christmas, Ye, and now back to...

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