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Episode · 10 months ago

Wondersz | Musician & NFT Artist


In this epsiode John Emotions talks with multimedia artist, Wondersz, about …

  • Life as a musician for years before NFTs
  • I See Spirits (tease)
  • Kintsugi (Japanese pottery repair w/ gold)
  • Adding music to animated NFTs
  • Living in Arizona
  • EDM Scene in AZ
  • BFF “Sam Went Running”
  • Waking Up Partially-Paralyzed
  • Christian Music Revisited
  • Christian Dubstep Champion!
  • Where “Wondersz” came from
  • Why he started with NFT art
  • How long he’s been on NFT Twitter
  • “I See Spirits” NFT Collection
  • Selling on the Tezos blockchain HΞN
  • Selling on the Solana blockchain Holaplex
  • Evolving the Story of “I See Spirits”
  • Introducing “Icey Spirit”
  • Collab between Wondersz + Emo Dojo?
  • (Digression about Emo Dojo logo)
  • Super Friends Jump (trade secrets omitted)
  • “I See Spirits” Release Schedule on Holaplex
  • New Exchanges Coming Up!

Wondersz can be reached via his Twitter account (wondersz_world) at https://twitter.com/wondersz_world 

Wondersz NFT Collection, "I See Spirits" can be purchased at https://iseespirits.holaplex.com/ 

"I See Spiritis" has a dedicated Twitter account at https://twitter.com/iseespiritsNFT 

Wondersz music is available at SoundCloud, here: https://soundcloud.com/wondersz 

This episode's album artwork and intro music are provided by Wondersz.

What's going on. What's happening in this is johnny emotions. Welcome back to live from EMO Dojo. Today I've got a really cool guest. This is a multimedia artist named wonders, with a Z at the end. I found him on twitter. He's an nft artist who I got to talk and to and it turned out he's also a musician. So we go through the whole range of how we got started music and NFT's and the ups and downs of his life, which platforms he's using, how he spreads out his new releases and things like that. It's going to be really cool. I think you'll enjoy. The music that we're listening to now is in fact wonders. The song her available on Soundcloud, so let's listen to it for a second and would get right into it. Here's wonders live from Emo Doj. How do I put it like? I'm so thankful and I feel so blessed because, like, my art is actually like selling now, you know, like I'm actually making you know, I made the most money I've ever made in my entire life with art just in these past few months. It isn't that awesome? Yeah, yeah, it's like it's insane, honestly, and then just being like Oh shit, like how do I how do I recogne with this now, like now that I'm actually like know that I'm gonna I'm going to do this and keep making art, and you know right. And Lots of decisions to make too, because, like, a lot of people jump right off the bridge and like I'm an artist, quit my job later, and everyone wants to do that. But like, how realistic does it be? In like all the latest memes today after the crypto crash and everyone's like back to McDonald's, and some people are responding seriously like fuck no, I'm never going to McDonald's. Up, this is my life, you know, art or death, and I appreciate all those conversations, but yeah, it's just I think it's fucking fun, it's entertaining because, I mean, back to the point is, artists, we generally have never made much money with art. So if we can make a little bit with relatively less effort, we don't have to put flyers out on doors or car windshields about the local art show, we don't have to stand there for four hours at the local art show with people looking at you derisively, you know, and it means it's like now it's like I just put it all up on Instagram, I mean not instagram, but twitter, and make sure I meant those bad boys, and wow, money, what's selling, because you have some killer art. Will Get to your new project. I see spirits in just a moment. I guess I like get in into my background or whatever a bit I might be. I actually like started as an artist. You know, was kind of through that because, like I would, I've always been creative. I've always been a huge music lover and actually, most of my life, and honestly, like I've always been a very visual person, like I've always loved visual art. It's always what spoke to me, right, but most of my life I was actually making music, making like electronic music. That's kind of how I got started in art. That's great and yeah, and I got started, honestly, at like a young age to the point where it's that's like all I can remember is just like, you know, making electronic music and all this, like I've been making it for around ten years now. No, wait, you got like a soundcloud and all that stuff. Yeah, yeah, soundcloud by the same name, by wonders. Dude, this is amazing. See, we learned something new every day. Like people on twitter don't know you have a whole music that goes theoretically with your visuals. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's kind of it's cool too because, you know, now I'm like because I really feel like visual art is my passion and you know, music is my passion too, but I don't know,...

I just feel that calling to visual art. So it's just like kind of funny because I'll still and you know, I especially music. It helps me cope with things so much, so I'll still make music quite often. And then I'm just like wow, you know, not, not many people know that I'm, you know, out here making all these beats that I got like a catalog of like five hundred two, probably like, you know, five hundred Tozero different beats I've made in my life. Oh Dude. Yeah, so you are a musician, so you don't like you're not compelled to make it. You just you have to. It's kind of like breathing or your heart beating. That's just you. Absolutely so what you choose to do. You're actually you're kind of drawn to art. Obviously you never going to leave music. It sounds like it just part of you. So, yeah, that's really neat and man that. So are you going to experiment with putting your music to any of these art files? I definitely. I'm still kind of like trying to figure that out, like I've had like a bunch of ideas of how I want to do that, but I'm also kind of just thinking like fuck it. I'm like I'm looking at the Consugi gift you got here with. Yeah, with your I see spirits kind of exploding and then coming back together with the gold lines ceiling it shut. Even if you just faded up a beat for, you know, five seconds and faded away, because basically just giving a simple, quick voice to the visual. But that's tricky though, do because then you've committed like Oh, nobody else will ever hear a different sound related to that image ever again. Yeah, true, I like kind of do that because every week I'll kind of post like a preview of the new spirits for this week. Yeah, and it's just like a you know, eight second video, just like really quick. It just shows off all the new spirits and what day I'm going to release them. But I always make it's kind of funny because it's just like I'm sure, no, in fact, most people are probably listening with like the sound off, but I just love it, like making a new beat for each like little video just to kind of like give it it's on like a little personality. Yeah, or the week, you know, Dude, seriously. and audio is such an overlooked aspect of well, for lack of better word, promotion or marketing. Like the hugest companies that spend tons of money with scientist on research to market have tones, you know, they have sound imbedded in their logos and things like that. So, yeah, I think a lot of people, especially musicians, kind of miss the mark. You're not missing the mark, clearly, but some of them miss it because they just forget that. and FT isn't just a JPEG. Yeah, yeah, true, I mean it's a it's a piece of art, right, and like you can do anything you want with it. So totally. In fact, I've seen some people just do poetry, just type out poetry and like Curryer, type font on a digital file and upload the picture of their poetry and three hundred bucks. Three hundred bucks. Yeah, yeah, it's so cool and I think that's like what's so beautiful about it is it's not just like these communities of I don't know, kind of artists with like their own group, you know, like I don't know, like I used to kind of see it where was like, you know, you mainly have like the you have like the musicians over here, you have like the visual artists over here, you have the fucking abstract artist over here, you have I don't know, yeah, for sure, you know, and if he's it's like really like a melting pot of all really is artist. Yeah, and collapsing on itself. All the walls are collapsing. I love it. Yeah, and even business people. That's like kind of like the funniest thing to me about it. It is like seeing all these investing people being like Oh shit, like art is what's up now, you know, like yeah, and using their own you know, talent and business and investing or just like whatever to kind of integrate that into the art. You know. Oh yeah,...

...they're like, Oh, I know a guy who's an artist and I know a couple developers and let's make a team, let's make a Dow, let's let's going and like this, take it easy, take it easy. That's a different mindset, but it's still neat, like if you had that kind of those kind of resources, and it's effectively the same as putting a band together, right. That's how I yeah, yeah, that's funny. Actually never made that connection, but you're so right, like these are like the the new like rock stars, basically. Very much. That's great. I'M gonna have to use that, dude. I see. So I was in the music business for a long time, so I see so many metaphors. I work in cannabis now, in Oklahoma of all places. Oh yeah, it's really weird, man, because I'm a California and a very progressive liberal, you know what, ever, and I feel like I moved back to them s here in Oklahoma. It's really wild. It's like California in the S. Yeah, I've actually never been to Oklahoma, but I'm from I'm from Arizona. Oh Yeah, so I've been to California like so many times for she's actually been kind of cool seeing Arizona become, I mean it's basically like a Diet California. Oh yeah, definitely. Have Been Three Arizona several times. One of my sons went to school and Flagstaff for a bit. Oh cool. Yeah, flight stuff is a cool area. Yeah, so beautiful up there. That's great place to live, really inspiring. Yeah, that I don't know. Arizona gets like a lot of Shit, especially from the people who who live here, but I really feel like there's like a special beauty to the state, like Oh, yeah, I know, I magically love it honestly. Now it has some magical kind of beauty. Yeah, it's like I feel like I see, I see the potential here because, like I've met so many cool artists and like I know that there's artists in Arizona. You know, I've even seen some like crazy amazing and of t artist that are like selling for a lot of money like in Arizona. was like, Holy Shit, like I even know you were here, you know, Oh wow. So it's like I know that there's like an art community here, but it's just like feels like the state hasn't like fully caught up. It's me. That's what's that's what it's like cool about. It is like actually seeing that potential start to, you know, come out, like actually kind of start to see a whole city really form its artistic movement. Yeah, I feel the same way I've only been to Oklahoma for a little bit. I had no connection to it beforehand except, well, my grandma was an Indian here, but whatever. You know. I mean when you're in California you just think I'm just going to be here forever and no, and I got over here in this place is wild too, and I did. I did find the art scene. There's a vibrant art scene. And then I started to think a bit. There's just a vibrant art scene in every semi big city. So I think that's it, man, just got to start looking for it. Huh. Yeah, I really feel like that's it, like there's, you know, people. Wherever there's people, you know there's going to be some cool shit, some yet crazy shit going on. Somebody wants to express themselves. Yeah, yeah, it's just like, I don't know, you know, being willing to look for it, and I don't know all of that. Yeah, how about the music scene? You got a music scene where you live? I mean I yeah, yeah, Little Day actually right. Covid probably killed it for a little bit, but I mean generally speaking, it sounds like you have one. Yeah, yeah, there's actually like a big rave scene, like EDM scene in Arizona and then also a big punk scene, which I always kind of like find like really funny. It's like punk never died and it's just been quietly living in Arizona. Fuck, yeah, that was my shit grown up to the I love punk rock. Yeah, yeah, it's so. It's that underclass, Dude. Is The underclass that's angry, like yeah, yeah, like I gotta get it all out. Yeah, that's great. I mean Edm and in some sense to it's like, Oh, yeah, it's all...

...the ANA grow without the the negative emotion. There's no anger, but there's a lot of physical getting it out. You got effectively mosh pits over there without the yeah, angry people. Yeah, yeah, there's definitely that. That's a black yeah, I've I've actually found quite a cool like music community out here, and I was honestly lucky because I have a good friend that I've known my entire life, like literally grew up with named his artist name is like Sam went running. Cool. I love how if you see me, yeah, retweet all of this shit, but it's kind of cool, like we because I'm just known in my entire life and I don't even really remember how it came about, but as remember, like when we were young, we were like Hey, I just downloaded this like program to make music. Started showing each other our beats, started getting competitive with each other. Oh Nice, and then through that, you know, we just kind of like went for it and became artists. Nice. Just been kind of each other's views throughout the system. Yeah, I love that, Dude. That's great. Yeah, so it's a lass her. Let's talk about how you got into nft specific art and then we'll get let's talk about I see spirits. Yeah, so it's actually it's actually kind of like a personal it honestly was very personal, like getting into nft's because I had heard about him for quite a bit, like probably year and a half ago, because I remember I bought doagcoin. I saw it on like tick tock or something and I, you know, I'd heard about crypto. Oh shure. Yeah, so it does. What was huge? That was back like the game stop thing, like all that was happening. Yeah, Yep, yeah, yeah, that was huge and I actually got into doagcoin like pretty early, like I made a decent, really decent return off that. Okay, Brad's good for you. Yeah, yeah, it was really cool. So it was like I saw that happen. I was like, Oh, this crypto shits real, like well, yeah, so, and then I just remember seeing, like it just came up on Tick Tock. I think someone was talking about crypto art and I was like Whoa, like I know about Crypto and I sure as fuck like art right. So, like I want to hear more about this. So I just like started doing some basic researching, just like trying to figure out what was going on, and, you know, I just started kind of like learning more and more. But it really wasn't. I basically I went through like a pretty major like health crisis where, I don't know, one day, I know actually, funny thing. It was on my twenty two birthday. Oh No, I just woke up the day before I was feeling fine, like I was pretty stressed just from like a bunch of I don't know, I fine, financial issues and all like that. It yeah, yeah, Life Shit. Then I just wait, I woke up the next day on my birthday, and just had no ability to walk. Like Dude, I could not stand up on my my right leg. It was just incredibly swollen, like happened overnight. Just got incredibly swollen and for the next like month and a half to two months. It was just I could not walk. I was just like limping everywhere and extreme pain. Just do sleeping as much as I can. And what happened? Man? That's I mean that the craziest thing is, like I still don't know. It's seemingly just happened random like I found out that I had I thought out that I was an emic and had a baker syst. Okay, yeah, that'll do it, because it could get near your nerve. Yeah, yeah, basically that's I'm pretty sure that's what's happening. I mean even even...

...to this day I'm like still not entirely sure, but yeah, I mean, and that moment like is Shitty as it was because, I mean, that moment truly felt like a rock bottom moment, you know, especially in the craziest thing to was like pretty much the week I recovered, like it wasn't even fully recovered. I was still limping around everywhere. Right, I went back to work and then that same week I got covid and I was out for like another another two weeks. I was out for I was out of work for like two months and then also, on top of that, my least ran out out of my apartment and we were moving to so I don't know, it was just like a course, of course that was the day you're going to have moved. To write. All that stuff right, piles on the same. It just general time. That's yeah. So, yeah, I mean that. That just felt like it was just such a hard a hard time. But it's strange because I look back on it and I really see that that was like the moment where I was like okay, like, you know, I don't want to like exaggerated and saying like I almost died, but like I felt like I got a glimpse of like Oh, sure, this is what it yeah, I could die. I could. That's close enough to death, right. Who knows how close any of US ever come to die, but if you feel like that's that's, I think, what our whole human experience is. Whatever you feel like, that is what is real. If you felt like you were close to death, that's what it is. Right. And Yeah, wakes you the fuck up, doesn't it? Like really resets priority. He's yeah, yeah, and so like it's weird because now I'm actually like Rouch, you know, strangely, like thankful for that experience because I don't know, you know, before that it's like I've always known I was a creative. I've always known I was meant to be making art. Right. Yeah, for so long it was just like man, it takes so much energy to like be able to just live right and like pay my bills and, yeah, to do both. It's such a grind because you have to live two lives. You have to live the Daytoday, fucking live in a corporate world kind of thing, just to pay rant on a shitty apartment. We don't like that. The whole fucking life like that. And then, on top of that, now go be your best creative self and start a new life in your spare time. Yeah, it's so unrealistic, man, but and ift's really can help. Yeah, yeah, absolutely. So. Yeah, I mean after that, like I remember like when I recovered, like I was like okay, like I am actually going to like do this shit because, like I've always said, like I'm meant to be this artist, I'm meant to be this creator, but like I actually want to give myself like the shot. You know, even if I like go for it and I don't make it, I want to at least be able to stay like I went for it and I went for it with all my mind, you know. Yeah, exactly, with the best intention, like a pure intention, and gave a true effort, because that and a lot of times I'll do that now. So I have to add in persist because sometimes I'm like, yeah, didn't come quick enough, because I have that like I like new stuff, and sometimes I look back I'm like, oh, that didn't work because I only gave it three months, or that didn't work because I only gave it a year, because, I mean sometimes whatever the estimate you think in your mind it should take to become successful at a thing, it's just usually wrong. So, yeah, I always have to add in the persistence, bitch. Just keep going, just keep trying, like, especially if you've built it into your tier life, into your workflow, that okay, every Thursday and Saturday I get to paint or whatever it turns out to be. Just keep trying that. Keep doing that, you get better. People eventually notice you. You know, you get a couple new followers on twitter each week, even if it's only one or two, I mean whatever. After a few years there it is. Yeah, yeah, I like absolutely, it's it's what kind of like haunts me about when I made a music as like a kid. Yeah, because like I was actually like starting to like gain like a following and everything, like, Oh God, I don't know if I want...

...to out myself on the show. But so there is a there is like this this album back in the day that was big and, believe it or not, there was like a very there is a Christian electronic music like community, like movement. No Way. I believe I used to be in a Christian band. I got so bored to playing biker bars and everything in my early S. answer to add on a craigslist for a Christian rock band. So I went and toured churches. So I believe it because then then we had gotten to the debate over Christian radio. Oh, your song doesn't say Jesus enough in time, you know, in the whole song. Yeah, then I went to Christian bookstores and record stores to some of sometimes play there, and you just go down down the rack there's like Christian Skate Punk, Christian metal, Christian Rock, Christian dance and for sure Christian EDM stuff. Yeah, yeah, totally, that's so, that's neat. Yeah, and there is there is this label called this is Christian Dubstep? No Way, what I know, right. But they had a they had like a yearly contest where you'd submit for you know, this is Christian dubstep two thousand and fourteen or whatever. Nic. See. Yeah, and I remember I submitted a song and I got on and I think that song actually has like twenty six thousand plays on spotify and all that. Were you performing as wonders also back then? Well, I'll change my my aliens, sir, to protect the innocent. Sure, Huh, Huh. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, exactly, back then it was. Actually so it's funny because my name now wonders, you know, it's Wo and D R S Z. Yeah, right, actually relates back to that, because my first alias was Seth Beats, with the Z oh, of course. Yeah, that makes sense with the beats back in the day, for sure. Yeah, yeah, and so my my my last name is it's, which I've always thought it is like a really cool last name. Oh, yeah, I didn't know that that was your real last name. I thought that was your stage name. No, no, that's actually like my legit real yeah, that's dope, Dude. Cool. Yeah, and I believe I'm actually the only stuff in the entire world. That's fucking awesome. You have to please come on talks myself. But yeah, so, I don't know. It's like I got such a cool last name. So like after I stopped using stuff beats because I thought it was like Cringey, because that's the thing. It is, like I got to high school, because like I was making all that before I got to high school, like yeah, of course, no, you're allowed to change, you're allowed to evolve as an artist, for sure, of course. Yeah. Yeah, so I got to high school I was like, okay, I want to be like cool and shit. Yep, so I changed it. I change it to just my last name, to just cool. That's don't do. Yeah, plus that, you go through those periods of life we like really proud of your heritage and what I've gotten. This will never change, and that thing too. So yeah, yeah, and then I like, I don't know, I just got to a point where I was like okay, like that's still a really cool, you know, stage name and all that, and like, yeah, I love my last name, but I also like want to, you know, be like Hey, I'm my own person. I'm not just my family, and I don't know. I kind of wanted to sting distinguish myself a bit, I guess, because most of my family is like farmers in Nebraska. No Way as well. I about and yeah, yeah, they just like live out in the middle of nowhere. They're super cool. I love all of them. Yeah, yeah, the country are awesome running. Yeah, here and Oklahoma as well. It's really interesting. Yeah, and so I'm like a I'm like a first generation city boy. Godvid, he's off in to the NFTS and the EDMS and they everything. Yeah, gotta be the rebel, you know, gotta gotta follow my archetype. Yeah, that's...

...fantastic, man. So then it's so sounds like and if t's gave you hope, like like all artists, to make some money, rights that would originally drew to nft proper. Like to is that we've got you to bring your art over and your artistic mindset. Yeah, yeah, I mean, you know, people were getting paid and all these artists I was seeing we're, you know, making like a lot of money. But I remember, I remember, like I got on a twitter like probably like a month or two before like I really died into nfts. Yeah, and it just started following a bunch of nat accounts and like, you know, Hashtag nft and all that, just to see what was going on. Yep, and I was like Holy Shit, like there's like a whole life, right culture here, like totally well doing crazy shit like building their own like little worlds and everything. Yep, so surprising, Huh. I was surprising how robust it was, because there's always like I've been on twitter offer on for years, you know, just for podcast or following politics or whatever, the fuck, you know, and but the moment you start Hashtag a nft, nft community or all the various crypto coins and things like that, man, it explodes. Is Like whoa this, it's everything here. Yeah, yeah, and that there's like all these communities and whatnot where people are like making making crazy projects. I mean that, honestly, is like what really got me was like not just that people were making art, like people were building whole universes out of right, you know. Yeah, and codis right. Like we were talking earlier about tribes and, you know, affiliations. They were a lot of them were focused on the community. Sometimes, I it feels like some communities are more like generating buyers for your multilevel marketing plan and you know, you got to keep the hype up. Come on, guys, we're doing it. It feels like that in some communities, but others are like genuine. They're in there for the artists or whatever their state of topic is, whether it's women or people of Color or mental health or whatever. So I think the community thing is really huge. Community, quote unquote, as a buzz word, sucks because it gets way over used by people that are not into true community. But that was my favorite thing about it. And it's so easy to find people in the community. It's hard to it's hard to weed out who's fake, but when you talk to people, we have conversations like this, and you see that people actually reply with real words to your artwork, those are good people to follow. So yeah, pretty straightforward. How many months have you been on twitter then, actively for the NFT stuff? So I think I started. I think it was probably like late August. Cool, so less than half a year, roughly, or roughly half a year. So yeah, yeah, definitely coming up on the half of year mark soon here. But yeah, probably, yeah, it's a fit like late August or like September or something like that. When you first got your twitter account, what was the first thing you did? You decide to go make some art by some art. Like how did you put up a profile pick? This is kind of a cool instruction for people who have never done nft's before or are, you know, into this in general. What did you do first? True? Yeah, well, I feel bad almost because like I had like a twitter account that, you know, I used on and off for like years. Yeah, yeah, people do that. Yeah, so I kind of just like slowly transitioned it over, like I got into NFT's. We're just like started kind of like tweeting about nft stuff and then when my art, like I remember I started putting my art on Tezos and I remember it actually like it got bought and I was like, Oh shit, like we're real on this stuff now, you know. Oh yeah, and I just remember like I don't know, that's when, all the A, I started meeting all sorts of New People, you know, who were like commenting on my stuff and I was like interacting with them.

But, to be honest, I remember there was kind of like a flip, like a flip of the switch, I guess. Yeah, I like I just like I just saw how everyone in the nft community was communicating with each other, and I was like Oh, like, I can just I don't have to like act like a stranger here, like I can just like comment on all these like artists. I like it us. I tell them, yeah, like hey, your piece of Super Dope and inspired me or like, you know whatnot. And that was like one of the coolest things was. I remember, like I replied to pop wonder because I heard him on that up that podcast I mentioned earlier. Oh yeah, right, and I just told them I was like hey, like, I heard your podcast on the Duncan trustle podcasts and super inspired me, kind of like what made me, you know, go go all into MPT's and you know, he like likes my comment, like retweets it, like replies to me, you know, like, and this happened with like a bunch of other artists that I, you know, didn't like just discover that I've been fans of for honestly years, like years before they had even gone into nfts themselves. Yep, yeah, or actually like you know like replying to me and like talking to me, and I was like, Holy Shit, like everyone actually is here like to be to talk about the art and like you know, it's so great, dude wool it's like walking into a party or a room you know, full of people that all have common interest and you can just talk, you can say something you do. You don't have to be invited to speak, you don't have to have permission. You there's no right or wrong thing to say. Obviously you don't be an Asshole, but you know I mean just and you say things. One of my favorite photographers doing nfts is guy that goes by drifter or shoots. If you've seen his stuff, I don't, probably have, probably would when you see it. He's one of these guys who climbs the fucking tallest shit in the world illegally and takes amazing pictures from the top. Oh, okay, I've definitely seen people like that, but that's awesome. My God, that Dude because beautiful. He went up to the I don't know what bridget was. I think it's on the east coast. It looks like the Golden Gate Bridge, but it appeared to be green or lit green, and he was on top of that motherfucker in a blizzard, because you could see all the snow on the roadway down below and like that means that fucker crawled up there on a slippery ass jakie cable thing up a extent whatever those kind of bridges, suspension bridge, and he's got to be a hundred fifty feet off the roadway, which is another hundred feet off the water below. Like, Oh my God, fucking yeah, but it's just amazing anyway. So I was really into his shit. So when I comment and liked, he replies and stuff like that. On my God, it's a fucking real dude. No Way. Yeah, that is so leveling, you know, it's so so neat. It's not like act there's a rock stars of the old days where they just nobody replies at all, like those old industries where they they post questions like hey, guys, what do you think about my new single? And everyone replies, but they'll never say anything, they'll never comment or anything else to the people who replied to their dumb question. Yeah, that's not doing social media right. So when I see the way the web three people are it's much more what I envisioned the Internet to be. You just yeah, it's very welcoming and very inviting. What was the first artwork you created? To be an NFT. So actually, this is this is really funny because it's kind of like connect with like the IC spirits projects the so when I first got like my tablet and everything, I was just like, you know, experimenting, because that's like my favorite thing to do, was just experiment like in visual art and in music, like I just love hearing something that's different. Yeah, so I just remember I just kind of like drew like this cool looking figure, you know, that had like horns and everything. I mean it basically was like a prototype of the spirit for that you know that I drawn the...

...icy spirits. Yeah, it's help whether your description, for sure. Yeah, and so I just like started experimenting with all the effects and like different brushes and all this, and I got it like looking really cool and ethereal and like it didn't look look like a drawing almost it looked like it almost looked like a hallucination or something. Yeah, like a digital phantom kind of yeah, yeah, exactly. And so that was one of the first pieces of digital art that I ever made, might even be the first. And so then I as I was kind of like getting more into the nft community, I like set up my open sea and I was like I was like, okay, I just would want to see how this process works. You know what it how do you actually meant something? So I remember I got on open sea and I meant to that spirit or whatever it was, as like the first nft ever, and I decided not to sell it. I just like kind of mainly just wanted to test out how it worked. You know. Yeah, same I did say. But yeah, it's like cool and kind of funny and prophetical of you know where where I'm at now with NFTS, where I have like a project built around that style and that thing that, you know, is my first meant ever. Yeah, I love it. I'm looking at it right now. What is a whole APLEX? Is it all Lah, like the Mexican work? Was it like hole? I believe it's Holoplex. I like hold a grand plex. Okay, it's not all. Not, yeah, it's hall. Yeah, I'm not entirely sure that. So who knows, it could be. What is this run on? What chain is this ted? So it's it's it's Salana actually. Okay, yeah, Oh, yeah, because you got a that soul name. Yeah, yeah, I'm real proud of that. Awesome I'm definitely on the soul train and lover it. Off, I started off on a theoreum, you know, and it was cool, but I'm sorry, those gas fees are fucking ridiculous. And I like there's so many cool projects on a theoreum and whatnot. And then I even like when I first heard about Salana, I was like, okay, this is cool, but I'm kind of like skeptical or whatever. But then I started seeing that like Salana was actually very new, like I don't even think Salana has been around for a year yet, right, and then I just started seeing like the community and some of the artists, you know, form on Salana. Yep, and I remember there's this project that I was a part of called Angle Mon. It's actually like what my profile picture is and everything. Oh, yeah, I like that thing. And I saw that they were on Salana and I was like, okay, I'm actually interested in yeah, and this now, like I don't know much about Salana, but I trust really into this project. Yeah, yeah, a lot of people that like, well, these guys aren't all idiots and those people aren't. Can't be that, though, and okay, sure, I'll jump. Yeah, and then when I got on Salana, I just never went back because I fucking loved it. I mean, no gas, bees, super fast. Yeah, you still maintain your open sea account, though, just sits there. Yeah, yeah, I saw my open see and like, I mean I I just think it's smart to be on as many chains as make as it makes sense for you, you know. Yeah, I actually that'll be like a not a thing. I think eventually it'll just show the US dollar equivalent and here pick from these eighteen different coins you can buy with and will be transparent. Yeah, yeah, I feel like that's definitely going to come to because, like, I'm on, I'm on everything, like I got a theory. Um, I got tezos, N FT's and I got Salana and ATU. So Oh, yeah, I like tezos A lot. Do you use object? I use hen, which I know kind of yes, through objects, but yeah, I actually really do, Love, love tesmos. Yeah, I think I'm...

...in there for the long haul, and tezos too. And really, basically I jumped in really quick to see how it all worked, make sure I got my wallet set up, got my eth name, got my test name and minted a bunch of stuff. I'm like, okay, I'm happy. I'm fine now, back now. I'm just back to the art now and then let me go create some interesting projects that I commit instead of just the ones I put up to test mit stuff. Yeah, yeah, totally. I can have like a weird like so, like the way I distinguish it is like I have tesos for personal work. It's like not necessarily part of a collection. It's just like that's good, you know, a cool art piece that I made. And then I also am definitely planning to use TESOS for music, because I feel like it works really well with music. Yeah, it's got a big backing from the music industry companies that I know of. They're like yeah, secretly building over in the TESOS thing. So I think that's a good, good move right there. Yeah, so when I start, you know, doing really, I guess, minting more of my music, I definitely plan on using TESOS for most of that and then I kind of use like Salana or a theorem for like if I have like a consistent project or like a collection. You know. Yeah, since that's when I'll kind of use those those more bigger chains, I guess. Yeah, yeah, exactly. It's kind of like well, if I'm gonna put something up in the Big Mall, I better make it nice, but otherwise I'll run over here to the flea market and just sell whatever I got. That's my mentality on the different exchanges. Yeah, TESOS is my street vendor are. Yeah, no, straight up and it. They all have different like a communities, I guess, for lack of a better word in that area. But yeah, they all got a different vibe for sure. I like them all. Yeah, those I know of those three and car downo. I don't know too many car downo art sites yet, but I haven't looked so yeah, I like it. I like what's going on there. So I like your spirits, you know, especially like the flame one. You just call flame spirit. But and so you're a capricorn, I guessing, or you've know somebody a well, so I'm a Taris actually okay, but I made it because it was a capricorn season. Yeah, kind of shaped similar, you know, kind of head a vibe. Just flip the ears in the horns other ways and now it's a Goatt. Yeah, exactly, exactly. And it's actually kind of funny you say that, because the next spirit I'm releasing is a quary of spirit because it's good. It's a quarious season. Oh yeah, yeah, that's a good idea. So it's going to be kind of like an ongoing I love it. I love the the boss one too. That's really evolved with the growth of the flowers, the petals kind of exploding off. That's really neat. Yeah, that that honestly might be my favorite one that I've that I've ever animated. Like that's so much fun drowing that one. But yeah, so it's just like an ongoing project. And what I think is really cool about I see spirits is I feel like it's like an art style that is really unique to me, you know, in some sense, like, I mean, if someone really tried, they could, but like it kind of can't be duplicated the way I make these, the spirits, like I just have like a distinct process for how I make each one. Yeah, and they have a very and solid voice too, because once you're out there and by way of promoting and, you know, being on a podcast or whatever, I think it's kind of a race to like who can establish your style first, and so far you're winning the race in your style. So I think you've doing it what right and I think your head at the game in that sense, because who's going to rip you off and not be called out for ripping you off? You know what I mean? Yeah, well, and I just feel like I don't know what I'm kind of really trying to do with IC spirits is like...

...really, I mean like really just be an artist, you know, and an artists in the true sense of like do something that is really different, like take all the unique skills and abilities and ideas that I've had my whole life, right and, you know, pour it into this project, because I know I can do something that is never been done, you know, especially in the nft space, where it is such a baby, right. And so I don't know, I kind of't want to talk too much, like I don't want ever like want to. I don't know. This project is like ongoing, so I don't like want to talk about what's to Oh, yeah, yeah, I understand. It's my guess. You know, I don't want to. Yeah, you're an artist. Your artist, not a deaf. You're not. You're not sharing your road map. It's like it's a r yeah, there's some mystery here. You have to see it's our it just comes to bout. Yeah, yeah, exactly. So, like I'm not trying to put myself in a box, nope, but at the same time, like I definitely am. I'll see this like there's definitely like a story to like icy spirits. There's definitely like, like I'm working on a series of like animations for it to kind of like really flush it out and, you know, bring the story that I've kind of like had in the back of my head. That's great my life, honestly, like, you know, just finally bring it out. You've got some legend back there. That's great. Yeah, some some deep lore. You know, as I've listening and we're having an audio kind of conversation, I think I have to tell the audience what what's at the saying is. I see spirits, I see spirits, I see spirits. But that also gives me an idea for your Nick Spirit. Can you make an icy spirit, like one out of ice? Yeah, he could be like the mascot. He's the icy spirit, the icy spirit. I like that, and he could give me give them like gold chains or something. Yeah, he could go next to flame spirit. You have a flame and a hot and a cold, but I see spirit. Yeah, listening like I put the listeners just thinking what is saying? Icy Spirits, though. It's I see spirits and shortly to come there'll be an icy spirit up there. Yeah, it's kind of funny. That's actually the the next spirit I was working on. It wasn't I wasn't going to call an icy spirit. I was going to call at frosty spirit and have it be like winter themed. But on man, you'd miss the theme. Hey, there's no time, there's no time. That's funny because, as you say, if as you say it, you hear it the way you've always thought it, I see spirits, and when you say it quickly, I'm just I hear it, I see spirits, I'm like, Oh yeah, that's fucking awesome. Yeah, that's fun, Dude, and I can't wait to hear your music. Would you mind if I found your music on soundcloud and picked a song and used it for the intro music for this podcast? Oh yeah, go for it. Make it all like complete right, make it like a whole complete episode, and a lot of times I'll just try to find somebody's art, like one of your nfts, and put it as the album cover of the podcast to if you're cool with that? Oh yeah, totally. I was actually been going to ask you if you wanted to like because, well, I guess I don't know what you do for the cover art of like every podcast, but if you were going to use that, you know, Dojo logo, I was like thinking'd be quota maybe collab if you like, send me like the base or whatever of that logo and then I could like kind of I would do something. I would love to for sure, like, no, hesitantly, like a hundred percent it. Or if you want to promote your own piece too, I we could do both. I love to see what you would do with the Yin Yang face and I will be happy to put any art you want as the cover of the podcast. Fuck yeah, well, I like,...

I just love the logo that you have for the for the podcast, and like I love those and if he's that you you know, Oh yeah, your logo. I'm just purposefully trying to stay super limited to just circular shapes on that thing I have. I have no idea that those are my test logos, basically because I've had that logo for a long time, since I made it for the podcast. I have some original versions that look like. Have you ever seen Mickey Mouse? But then look at the old versions of Mickey Mouse. He looks creepy and scary. Yeah, I have that. I have that version also of the Yin Yang face. They creepy. I love that. The tooth, it's too long and skinny. Of a smile, my good. No, it's fucked up. Thanks that. People Nightmares, but it but it is like a Halloween special area. Yeah, straight up, Dude. And then I had like iterations when I used to get angry and do like podcast about gun violence. I had one with like he's got a bullethead right in his forehead. Instead of circles for eyes, he's got X, has a lot of just I don't know. It's not. I didn't really intend it for it to be an art project, but I was had a fascination with that yellow have a nice day smiley face logo. HMM. And I looked at yeah, looked up the guy who's just the guy who saw graphic designer and he made it. I'm like, Oh, yeah, I want something like that. Like doesn't really mean much. It just means people could talk about their mental health openly. You see that little symbol and like that's not too much to ask, but it's a lot of work for one, one person. But Anyway, I love that. Actually, though, that's such a cool vision that you have for it and I feel like it matches perfectly projects. Dude. But that came around, dude, because the whole thing, like I always associate everything with being in a band, and so I work backwards. I'm like, what's going to be the logo on the T shirt? That's so I start every project backwards from the tea shirts of like logo tshirt. What the fuck would you call a show that had that as a logo? And then we're talking about something many years ago. I'm like, Oh, emo came up as a short for fucking emotion. Someone said you should go by John Emo and I'm like yeah, but then people think I'm like an emo kid, when like a fucking grown up. All right, and I like emo music, not. Yeah, like that a lot, but I'm just not emo. Yeah, right, I shave my head like we're makeup, but some like EMOs. Cool, it's and I like word rhymes. I'm like Emo Dojo, yeah, that sounds fun, because I like Mojo Jojo from the powerpuff girls. Oh that's great. I love that. Some like Emojojo sounds like a fucking cool name for podcast, and then it just dominates the search engine results. You can't like look for EMO Dojo without pulling up like two pages of it, of just my share. Like Oh, okay, I'm using that, but now I kind of feel constricted. So I'm like what else can I do? So I'm looking for a different podcast or different kind of trouble to get into while I'm percolating on the NFTR art. Yeah, it's a great logo and like a great name, like it really stands out. I kind of like see everything, like I am like obsessed with like esthetics, like say, yeah, just like the overall like esthetic, like it needs to all look nice and I'll have like a consistent theme, even if it's just like a little video that I post, you know promote the next spirit or whatever it's, so it'll get be a part of the same energy and like all feel the same. You know, your talking exactly why I do not live stream, because it's just waste way, a whole another level of work to make everything meet that standard. I feel. Yeah, I feel I actually I'm actually like planning man I don't know if I should the well, I'll just I'll just say it like. Well, you could speak obliquely, you know, you don't have to mention details necessarily. Yeah, yeah, I'll just say like I'm actually planning like kind of the next phase of, I see spirits is a I'm planning on doing a live stream of incorporating like...

...music, yeah, into it. It's kind of funny. So, and like performing to so kind of like Djing and whatnot. I'm like trying to I'm playing around with like a Oh yeah, a lot of different ways to do it and actually have a great I've a really cool idea, like I just ordered this here. Yeah, yeah, I can totally see that. And like, I mean, you know, I I grew up just like strongly believing in like the golden rule, you know, just like love everyone as as yourself. Yeah, and then, I don't know, kind of just like dealing with like the challenges and everything of growing up. Right. Yeah, yeah, hard, growing up as fucking then fucking hard man Jesus. Yeah, but I don't know, you know, just get into that place where like okay, like I just like want to, I don't know, show the world out, like hey, I got something going on in here that's like really cool and like I want to use this to actually help people and, you know, make their make their lives better and whatnot. You know, if I could just make you laugh, there'd be great. Have you ever thought of drawing, like doing your art live, or do you think your process? You would rather keep your process more private? It's kind of funny because even even with music, I've always been like such a host like I don't know what you would call it, but like I just like love recording something in silence and then just like, you know, going crazy. We lie at night like everyone's asleep and then just like, I don't know, going in on him. And the same, same process is kind of with my art, because like I can draw some really cool shit and that would be cool. Like I do want to do things like that eventually, but I get the most out of my art when I basically have like a finished piece or close to finish, and I'm like okay, like what else can we do that with this? Like can we throw some effects on this right? Yeah, you know, merge it with another picture or something like. So I don't know. That's where I'm like kind of leaning towards doing more of like a set in the future with, like I see spirits cool, we're just like playing music kind of, you know, just performing it. Yep, though, I would love to kind of blur that barrier of like making making it, you know, making like a song, like I would love to perform like music live and all of that. Wouldn't that be cool like have your art as somehow the stage show going on behind you? You know how like bands have like video screens and things like that, some somehow being behind, you know, just somewhere on the screen or in front of you. Frankly, it's video. It could be anywhere on the screen while you're jamming out. Would you do it like twitch live stream? In that case, that's like what I'm still trying to figure out. It likely would be like twitch or youtube or yeah, you know something there, but I'm like just trying to figure out all the I'm the same hot right shit, yeah, I'm the same way with that and both in the whole life thing. I'm like wide lie, like we're talking live, right. I'm going to record this and people here generally alive conversation whenever they feel like hearing it. Cool, but truly live. Bothers me because there's so many interruptions, like people like, Oh, you just do twitter spaces, and I'm like why, I got a fucking deal with all these people praising their hand and asking questions and interrupting, like I don't want to hear from you, I just want to talk to the person I'm talking to. I feel. Yeah, said, I like that about podcast. It's like slow down, let's hear one person talk at a time and get get more deep than wide and shallow, and you know that way you just get a got a few I think people get to know each other better and the audience gets...

...to know the artist better, like they get a definite feel for it. If they listen to the end of the PODCAST, chances are really high they're probably going to follow you, go look at all your stuff. Maybe said a the bell on twitter, so they see all your posts and that sort of thing. So every little bit helps, man, that's for sure. Yeah, definitely, and I kind of just like I don't like to be stressed or anything, you know, same, same, like I just and typically like when I'm creating, I just feel the most like comfortable and all that, just like completely alone, like yeah, all right, like let me let me do this on my own time and don't have to worry about like a deadline or, you know, worrying if I fuck up or if I look bad or yeah, yeah, you know, let's sortver kind of bullshit. Yep, that's a real thing. Due public humiliation sucks and if you fuck up live, it's just embarrassing. It hurts my heart. Yeah, like, I'd rather just like spend hours at any editing it and making it look like the most pristine thing ever and then being like all right, like now you guys can see what I'm like really made of. Yeah, yeah, this is what I meant to show you. It's just like, yeah, but when you're a kid or whatever, you need to paint a picture, I'd put my back to the wall and put my Easel, you know, on the other side so people can generally watch. I didn't like, I mean wasn't a secret. I was going to show the class what I was painting when I was done, just like everybody. But I'm like, kid, don't look like whatever, go do your things, bother me your vibes over my shoulder thing. Yeah, yeah, I know, like, I mean I like I've tried to like collaborate with people on music and you know, it goes well, and especially if like I know the person right. Yeah, for sure. But still, like there's always something, like always like like if I'm in a jam session or whatever, like I'll record it, will have a good time and I'm like okay, cool, we got something good, and then like I'll go to my room, just open up my laptop and like go crazy with like all the edits and production and mixing and all that, like I don't know, I just like Oh, yeah, it's more you have a skilier right, so you're like hunting for the sounds when you're out recording, like okay, that's good, we got what I need. But you're like yeah, done, you're not done at all, like I got what I need and I'll see you in three days. Yeah, that that is me. Like I just this, like I know what I can do to things like in the post production. So a lot of times, and actually even for a for like the song I have on spotify, like I went and recorded some of my vocals and whatnot for that without even like the best my quality, like I'm straight of just use like a I use like a Gamer headset that, oh yeah, my friend gave to me. Sure, so it was it was like what like a hundred at most, probably like seventy headset. So not the best mic or anything, but I was like I don't care, you know, I know I can throw a compressor and chorus effect and like Eq and all this shit and make it sound sick as fuck and it'll still have like a cool it'll have the the sound, like the sounds. Yeah, yeah, well, yeah, yeah, exactly. Well, this is awesome, Dude. Anything else you want to share that we didn't cover? Yeah, well, I guess I'm I guess I'll just kind of go over my release schedule. If anyone is like curious about I see spirits. Yeah, that's a good idea, just to give them some set the expectations. Yeah, yeah, so, I mean, you know, I see spirits dot holoplexcom or. Yeah, that's fine, we'll put the link down in the notes anyway, so if they're hearing this, they can just scroll down and see. It will link all the right places. Okay, perfect. So that it's like my storefront where I do these one of one animated, you know, like little spirits, and I have a release schedule where I do three spirits every week. On Monday and Wednesday I put one out for a set price, meaning as soon as it's up you can buy it, and then I put...

...one up on on Friday that will that's an auction, and then the winning bid of that act of that auction determines the set price for the following week. So it's interesting. That's cool. Yeah, and I did that. So I honestly did it more for like myself to be like all right, like let's consistently make these you know, I want to have like a weekly, consistent release schedule, but I also kind of have that for the collectors, you know, so that there their spirit always remains like valuable. You know, it always remains whatever that valuable. Yeah, we did the range. Yeah, within the range of the auction or whatnot. So, yeah, that's kind of the the schedule and whatnot for it, and I'm actually working right now to kind of like expand it. So I'm trying to bring it to other market places, like exchange art is what I'm currently working on to get it over to fantastic. But yeah, I plan on icy spirits. It's going to be a like ongoing projects. And you know more will come. So yeah, just come, come check it out. That's fantastic. I wish you continue success and I'm glad you're selling your art and trying all those different venues to to sell it. Like, if one doesn't work and gas fees are too high, try something else. They're all CRYPTO, they're all be on the blockchain, right, and exactly cash. It turns into US dollars the same regardless of where you sell it. So super impressive, man. I love talking to you. Have a great attitude about everything. And also check down in the notes down below. We're have all the links to sets twitter page, to the his various artworks in the different platforms and ways to get it and I'm sure if you want to talk to him he'll be happy to reply to your direct message. Right. Yeah, yeah, absolutely. I love meeting the people in the space. Yeah, isn't it great? Awesome, man. Well, thanks again, and if you want to come back or if, after you listen to this episode, it sounds weird and you just feel uncomfortable something, let me know and we'll do our best to either editor just pull it off, you know, until we fix it. So it's all good. Sometimes people forget what they said and they're like me, okay, some people like you and me and most of the people that have come on this show or Jine generally themselves all the time. So there's very few things we say that we find fuck it. Yeah, just let it go. Yeah, yeah, well, awesome. Hey, I'm so, so glad I got to talk to you. And Yeah, this is awesome. Yeah, they can do it again. Yeah, the owners all mine and I super appreciate you and look forward to I've been having a scheduling follow up interviews to with the past and FT artists have had on the show. So I will probably hit you up in a few weeks to just to see how thing you know, take the pulse, see how things are going. Or they getting better? They getting worse? Did you jump out of the CRYPTO market? What's going on? You know? Well, it's fun to follow up and just kind of strengthen the bonds that we've already formed. So I'll work out. Yeah, yeah, I love that and I really love, honestly like what you're doing for for the space and like the community of just really making it real. So honestly, like you're doing a honestly amazing service for just like the whole community, of making it like, you know, you see the profiles, but you actually get to like talk to the real people. So yeah, yeah, nothing but the best. I appreciate you saying that. Thanks a bunch and have a great rest your weekend. It's you as well. All right, Chare by, buddy, and now back to the wall.

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